Malaysia Commercial Laundromat Equipment

While one may argue that being a laundropreneur is for the lazy bump, we beg to differ. Sure, laundry business is hardly rocket science. How difficult can it be, right - to keep switches on and machines spinning. Then the money keeps pouring in. We urge you to rethink that faulty premise.

Laundry business has evolved.

That lazy bump image has shed off! From our experience of dealing and helping thousands of laundropreneurs across this region as a new start-up or taking them a step forward onboarding our many tech products, one thing remains true – that entrepreneurial spirit was shining forth. That’s because laundry business has indeed evolved. As urban and satellite town folks value their time by choosing to do laundry outside their home, our business has never been more exciting. With the aid of smart applications and analytical tools, laundry business is for people wanting a serious enterprise that generous handsome ROI in a short period of time. 

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