Liquid Detergent Vending Machine and Sachet Vending Machine


At SPINZ, we understand that the main reason someone chooses to do laundry outside their home is for the simple fact that they feel it’s more convenient that way. Hey, we are not here to deflect that. In fact, that very psyche plays out beautifully for all laundry owners. So why not tap into that make your customers come back for more.

With limited floor space, what can laundropreneurs offer to customers? And what is it that customers need for clean sheets and nice smelling laundry?

Detergent and softener of course!

Sachet Vending Machine DimensionSize : 71cm (W) x 102 cm (H) x 14cm (D)

Sachet Vending Machine MaterialMaterial : Housed in 1.5mm thickness mild steel casing with CAM lock

Liquid Detergent Vending Machine DimensionSize : 45cm (W) x 150 cm (H) x 32cm (D)

Liquid Detergent Vending Machine MaterialMaterial : Mild Steel casing with epoxy paint Stainless steel for filing cabinet