E-Wallet Payment Terminal for Coin Changer / Token Changer

E-Wallet Payment Terminal For Coin Changer & Token Changer

SPINZ E-Wallet Payment Terminal is an innovation built to add-on payment option for coin changer and token changer. With e-wallet payment terminal, customers can pay using smartphone without the hassles of carrying coins or physical cash notes. Sales collections is routed directly to laundromat business owner to their bank account. To quote the Fintech Times, “Mobile Wallets are the future!” Mobile wallet or e-wallet is disrupting the traditional mode of payment in this part of the world. And it is really not that hard to imagine because 80%, or probably more - of people have access to smartphones. It is a fact too, that millennial, young adults and working adults make up the largest part of regular patrons or customers of any commercial laundry across the globe. The Covid-19 pandemic further fuels the popularity of e-wallets where cashless and contactless mode of payments are preferred over traditional notes and coins.